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Why Give?

The West Hill School

Through the support of our alumni, current and past families, grandparents, faculty, board and friends, The West Hill School is able to provide an environment and experience for preschool aged children where they can connect, learn and grow.   It also presents the opportunity to enhance a joy of discovery and exploration, while ensuring school readiness through a life-long celebration of learning.

Your gift to The West Hill School Annual Fund is used for programs critical in sustaining West Hill as an affordable top tier preschool rich in tradition and community.  Annual contributions are used for, but not limited to, the following programs and enrichment opportunities:

* An innovative and developmentally appropriate curriculum balanced with play-based learning

* Technology upgrades in the office and the classrooms

* Maintenance and enhancement of the Discovery Room and other building spaces

* Enhanced outdoor play and learning, exploration, socialization and appreciation of nature

* Service learning projects

* Continuous opportunities for staff professional development