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This is one of our most vital Annual Giving appeals in the history of our school. Our Covid -19 preparations and essential protocols to ensure the safety of all of us have come at a great financial expense. We understand that times are difficult, but we ask that you give whatever you can to support our little school.

WHS now accepts Venmo (@TheWest-HillSchool) and you can also go to our website and donate via credit card. As always, please feel free to mail a check to the office.

We have produced a short video of a typical day at this atypical time in the history of The West Hill School.  Please take a moment to view it. Thank you in advance for your consideration and we hope you enjoy the video.

All the best,

Kathleen McAloon
Director of Development



20 Reasons to be Thankful During 2020

1.   West Hill School is “open” and the children are in a safe environment where they can “connect, learn, and grow.”

2.   Our incredible West Hill School families who are diligently following all COVID protocols

3.    Our talented and caring staff

4.    Our joyful, resilient children who wear their masks, distance, wash hands and laugh

5.    The commitment and training that allowed our teachers to switch to online learning

6.    Our dedicated Board of Directors and Pandemic Task Force

7.    Our WHS alumni and community who support us financially and are helping us recover the $20,000 invested in COVID related facility modifications and supplies

8.    The strong sense of community that exists at WHS

9.    The lifelong friendships that are being fostered among the children

10.  The extra bond and connection the teachers feel towards the children

11.  The time to reflect and express kindness and gratitude

12.  The glorious weather that has allowed our children to be outside for most of the day

13.  The captured time that families have found to be together

14.  The joy, laughter, and excitement of our children

15.  Our WHS grandparents and relatives who have pitched in to make it possible for our children to be here everyday

16.  The Playscape that provides creative, emotional/social, and physical experiences for the children

17.  Communication platforms that have allowed us to hold meetings safely

18.  The lasting memories, relationships, and partnerships we are all making

19.  The slower pace that allows us to enjoy the things we might not ordinarily experience

20.  The biggest reason of all: West Hill is still a joyful, happy place to learn. We are so lucky.


Your gift to The West Hill School Annual Fund is used for programs critical in sustaining West Hill as an affordable top tier preschool rich in tradition and community.  Annual contributions are used for, but not limited to, the following programs and enrichment opportunities:

* An innovative and developmentally appropriate curriculum balanced with play-based learning

* Technology upgrades in the office and the classrooms

* Maintenance and enhancement of the Discovery Room and other building spaces

* Enhanced outdoor play and learning, exploration, socialization and appreciation of nature

* Service learning projects

* Continuous opportunities for staff professional development


To donate to our Annual Fund 2020