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Parent Perspective on Playscape

“The Playscape Project has been in process for a number of years and has already involved a lot of time and effort by the Board of The West Hill School, committees of the Board, the current Head of School, the former Head of School, the current staff, the former staff, the alumni families and the local neighbors. One thing that has struck us all as we have continued through this process is how strongly everyone feels about The West Hill School and how special The West Hill Community truly is, not only among the current parents but among the decades of alumni families as well.

To share my own story, my wife and I are current West Hill parents, but will not be for much longer since our youngest son is about to graduate from the Yellow Group in a few weeks. As I look back over the last five years during the time both of our sons were at the school, I am blown away by what this experience has been. Our sons have had a fantastic educational experience, have loved coming to school everyday and have been well-prepared for the next step in their education. But more than that is what this school has been for all four of us, not just our sons but for my wife and me as well. The friendships we each have made, the opportunities we each have had and the relationships we have each forged have enriched all of our lives and greatly exceeded the expectations we had when we arrived at The West Hill School. And our experience is not unique, all West Hill families have had similar experiences at the school. And that is because of how truly unique and strong our community is and how special this place is.

But that idea of this “place”, the physical school, is a key part of who we are as a West Hill community. If we don’t have a great physical school, we can’t have a great West Hill community. This means more than just maintaining our current school building. It means improving our entire school facility, making it better, adding to what it is for generations of young learners to come, and “Playing it Forward” for them. So thank you for all of your support of this project and for keeping our West Hill community strong!”

~Jonathan P. Moyer, WHS Parent & Board of Directors Chair 2018-2019

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