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2018 Campaign “Play it Forward”


The Playscape is an imaginatively arranged, nature-inspired learning and play environment that nurtures the wonder and awe that only nature can inspire! In today’s world of digital overload, experts agree that children, especially those in the first five years of their lives, require a developmentally appropriate balance of “screen and green” experiences to grow up happy and healthy. With it’s 14 intentionally designed “rooms”, the children will have the freedom to satisfy their individual interests, as well as their developmental and individual skill levels with natural materials found in the real world. This Playscape will support The West Hill School’s dedication to connecting children to their interests, to each other and to meaningful experiences with nature.


The goal of the “Play it Forward” Campaign is to raise the $250,000 needed for the Playscape project and to add to our endowment for the future sustainability of the School. This funding will ensure that the Playscape and the School will have the necessary funds to respond to upgrades and repairs, seize opportunities for new learning initiatives and generally ensure the School’s vitality and legacy for the future.


To ensure this important project will be completed for the start of the 2018-2019 school year, please donate today to support our special little school. If you would like to pledge a gift or if you are interested in naming opportunities, please contact Connie DiMedio, connie@thewesthillschool.org. If you would like to donate now, please select the button below.

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